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Crinan and Loch Fyne Trip
on 15/07/2012

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Present on the Trip: Catherine, Chris, Hazel, Stevie J, Christine M, Fiona, Darren, Dave, Lorna
Non divers: Jackie, Keigh-Lee, Oz (Stevie's dog)
Thanks to Catherine for making it happen.

Yeeehaaar off to go diving with the club, rhib on tow and the weather for once looking like it is going to be sunny.
You know it can't last.

Up to Inveraray on Friday evening for a nice early start on Saturday morning to get over to Crinan, unfortunately forgot to check what time breakfast was served in the B&B and subsequently had to leave before it was served ;-( Hazel did manage to grab a couple of hot rolls though.

Got to Crinan and launched Safina, got all the kit ready, locked the car and put my drysuit on, just to rip a cuff seal (new silicone ones)! A few choice words later and a revised dive plan for the rest of the group, I jumped back in the car and raced to the dive centre in Oban to pick up a spare seal (latex this time). Fortunately the latex seals fit the quick change system that came with the silicone seals).

I even made it back to Crinan in time to get picked up and go for a 36m dive hunting for Scallops.

Scallops Yum

Snake Locks Anemone

Nice Sausage

All kit back to base, Safina recovered and cars packed, then off to get cylinders filled (thanks Lorna) at Quebec Marine and back to the George Hotel for a slap up meal, somewhat tired after the antics of the day.
Sunday, the weather has turned back to typical 2012 summer, i.e. raining cats and dogs. Very tempted to remain in doors but by this time had already had breakfast (we rescheduled the start time) so off to the Minard Islands.


After lunch some folk decided it was just too wet (imagine that) and headed home, however the treat for those that stayed were the porpoise spotted (thanks Stevie) on the way back to base at the end of the day:



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