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on 09/04/2011

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I’m not a fisherman, I’m not that interested in catching fish and never have been, I don’t particularly like to eat fish, so why would I agree to go on a Skate tagging event? However a long weekend away from work and the allure of a few dives around Crinan where enough to get me to agree to go. The wine might also have had a bearing on it too ;-)

Stevie wanted to take his boat out for one last weekend of scooting about and generally having fun on the water. So Stevie Jarron, Christine Moinard, Myself, Hazel and Janet and Marc drove up to a nice cottage at Tayvallich for the weekend.
So Friday morning, flat calm water and the sun was out, we headed up towards Crinan to see what the Skate tagging was all about. After a while messing around with a few rod and listing to the other boats catching Skate we figured out that a bit of Chorizo and some plastic bait was not going to get us far. Listing on the radio we were alerted to one of the boats reeling in a Skate, we hung around as I had my underwater camera with me and wanted to see if we could ‘catch’ some shots. Almost 2 hours later the Skate arrived near the surface. (depth was approx 150m deep) I got some shots, and it was quickly recorded and tagged before being released. Then off for a dive at a wall just outside Crinan harbour.
Saterday we had a look at ‘South Rock’ off Jura but the tide was running and we decided it was a bit too exposed for a dip, so we headed up to the Corryvreckan to have a look at the whirlpool, after which we headed back to the Skate tagging area to try our hand now we had some bait (mackerel) from one of the other boats. However still nothing, so we decided to dive the same wall outside Crinan as Hazel had spotted a few scallops the day before. Some scallops were found and mad a great starter for the evening meal once we got back to the cottage.
Sunday we switched things around a bit as Myself and Hazel had to leave after lunch so we dived in the morning just outside Carsaig (where we lauched the boat) . More scallops were found and a couple of crabs too. And then a nice wall/slop to finish the diving off with;-)
Altogether a fab weekend. Thanks to Stevie for sorting out the boat, trailer and fishing attire. Hazel, Christine and Janet for cooking. Whilst Marc and myself helped with the eating and the odd tipple.

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