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Isle Of May
on 08/08/2010

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It started out a cloudy day but soon warmed up with a swift ride on Safina to the Isle Of May.

Ryan, Jenna, Steve (Crowe), Euan, Hazel and Myself were off to play with the Seals.

Myself and Hazel were the last in the water after Euan and Steve came back saying it wasn't a great site, and although they spotted a couple of seals they didn't stay around. However Myself and Hazel kitted up and dropped in and down to about 15m where we followed the gullies:

We came across some wreckage but nothing exciting.

Then all of a sudden as we were getting nearer our 6m stop there was a tug on a fin.
The seal kept disappearing (probably for air) and returning to play, and we spent around 10-15 mins playing before we needed to come up.

After a picnic on the Island we returned to a similar spot and this time we were not so lucky, we spotted some seals but none of them stayed and played like in the morning, and were too quick for pictures, but still a dive that left you wanting more time in the water ;-)

All too soon it was time to head back, the sea was a bit lumpy and Hazel insisted that she wanted to cox the boat back. About 3/4 of the way back Steve was beginning to look a little shaky and Hazel asked (Shouted over the the engine as we were skipping along at 25mph) if he was OK, His reply: I'm fine, just afraid of being thrown over....... as Hazel hit a wave whilst turning and Steve found himself outside the boat!

He was fine and we had soon picked him out of the sea, don't think it could have been timed better, and he will always hold on in future.

Back to Anstruther without further incident, and Hazel bought us all an Ice cream to apologise for the rough ride (OK, I made that bit up, she did buy Ice Cream but apologise!) We didn't bother with the queue for the chippy past experience says we would be packed up ready to go before we got inside the door.


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