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Training Weekend at Finnart
on 17/04/2010

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A Whole Weekend at Finnart....

Our main task was to get the Ocean Diver Trainees kitted up for their first open water dives, plus Iain took in Jenna and Ryan for Dive leader, Sports Diver training respectively.


Just sit there and watch why don't you!

Shiela's First Dive

Debbie and Inaki's first dive:

Jenna Says, Eh-oh




Lynda and Iain for Lynda's 3rd dive

Euan put Lynda Down!

It was clearly a Sunny Day

Debbie survived ;-)

After a quick trip to Rue Marina for some air, we returned to Arochar and spent an evening eating, drinking and talking about diving in the Village Inn.

It was not the best weather for diving, but then it is Scotland. We were just a busy doing further Ocean Diver training, and Tara turned up to take Euan and Emma for some Advanced diver training.
I kind of forgot to take photo's of Tara, Euan and Emma swimming to Hellensburgh and back. We also did some rescue scenarios, but again I was too busy and no camera was around ;-( Nobody even memtions my superb acting ability at falling over with a broken leg!

Lots of training done, lots of things learnt, but the best lesson of the weekend has to be if you are returning to Edinburgh on Sunday rather than diving the excuse should NOT be 'I need to get my hair done'.



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