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Triple Reef
on 30/01/2010

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It is my Birthday and Hazel asked me what I wanted to do. After trying to get some space on an east coast hard boat but failing due to the weather forcast, we ended up at Triple Reef (Gortein Point) in Loch Fyne.

I admit it, I spent most of the first dive looking for the reef, the cable must have been buried (that is my story and I'm sticking to it. We did find the reef on the way back but did not have much time/air to spend there. We (Jenna, Emma and myself) did spot a SHARK (Dogfish) though so all was not lost ;-)


Hazel and Ryan, on the other hand swan straight out to the reef and had a great dive.

During lunch, the cup cakes arrived (Thanks Jenna) addorned with some makeshift candles (Matchsticks, Thanks Emma) which went down a treat.

The second dive (Emma & myself) was much better hitting the reef (although I'm sure it was a different reef than the one we found on the first dive) right at the begining.

Dragonnet if you look hard enough!

Sea Mouse

There is a flat fish too!

Ryan & Jenna's fist dive together!


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