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Training at Finnart Point
on 27/09/2009

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Once again we find ourselves at Finnart point. This time with a task for the day.

Finish Ryan's Ocean Diver Training (2 lessons)
Finish Jenna's Sports Diver Session (2 lessons)

We also figure out that Jenna has yet to sit the Sports Diver Theory Exam.

Things did not get off to a good start as I (Chris) had neglected to put kit in for Jenna, so we had to cobble together a set with some spares that had been brought along.

Whilst I was fiddling with Kit Hazel took Jenna and Ryan in for some surface teaching on Rescue Breaths, towing followed by de-kit and landing.


Next I took Jenna and Ryan in to do their CBLs, tows and de-kit as appropriate to finish of their rescue lessons.

Meanwhile EUSAC arrived with for their PADI crossover day, and where short of a buddy for one of their students, Hazel quickly negotiated to take them diving in return for some kit to help us finish the day!


The afternoon saw Hazel and Ryan go in for his final Ocean Diver lesson, Myself and Jenna go in for her final Sports Diver lesson. Both of which went by smoothly. After which I took EUSACs keen crossover (Eli) in for her second dive.

Oops: Sorry forgot to mention that during our lunch break/surface interval, Jenna completed the Sports Diver Theory exam - it can hardly be said that these were ideal exam conditions! Jenna, was reading the questions from an iPhone as we did not have a paper copy, using a borrowed set of Nitrox tables (thanks EUSAC) and standing in the rain holding a brolly!

Do you get the picture?

We Did:

Well done to Jenna and Ryan for gaining their qualifications ;-)


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