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Cumbrae March 2003
on 14/03/2003

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We headed off to the water sports centre on Cumbrae for the weekend. Approx. 22 divers.

I'm sure there should be some

Someone said that this was the dive site!

Thanks to Christine Howson for the Nudibranch Names

Thanks also to Gill McLellan for pointing out Tritonia as I swam right over it ;-)

Some underwater pics
Nudibranch : Flabellina Pedata
Big Nudibranch : Pleurobranchus Membranaceus (not strictly a nudibrnach but in a related group. This is what makes the large white squishy roses on the sediment in places like Loch Fyne/Long/Clyde. It can get dinner plate sized.)
Bigger Nudibranch : Tritonia Hombergii - eats dead men's fingers and can do a good impression
Tiny Nudibranch : Cuthona Caerulea


Not Sure What These Were!

And I think these pics could be contenders for the next caption competition!


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