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Oban March 2005
on 15/03/2005

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Neil, Fiona (Neil's better half),Christine, Chris, Emma, Nichola, Hazel, Margon (Jacco's better half), Michaela, Sue
(Missing in action : Jacco;off to get a laptop, Max: taking the picture, Andy;ducking! Janet:Also ducking)
Easter weekend, Oban would usually keep most sensible divers away, however we headed up there regardless of the expecting hoards and the crowded dive sites, with a wee cheeky plan...lets skip the usual Sound of Mull wrecks and do some great scenic diving. The weather was excellent so once aboard The Peregrine with Alan at the helm, we headed out to Inch Island for the first dive.


Lightbulb Sea Squirts,
Devonshire Cup Coral

Couple of Nudibranchs

How many legs?

We then headed further out to the Garvellachs in glorious weather, so much so that the sun screen made an appearance. We dived the North most channel which was just covered in life.



Well that would normally be the diving day over and we would be heading for the pub, but not today, we had plenty of time and Alan the Skipper was very happy to hang around so we nipped over and dived the Meldon, which was absolutely great, the water was clear and there was lots of life hanging around, we even found time to do a bit of Bottom line training.

Emma and Sue

Just got to much for Neil

Typical Scotland. You can always
count on weather!

Andy (Dive Bitch, Tea maker and
mask washer) driving back to Oban.

After the trip back we had a great meal at the hostel, maybe a few beers, and some wine, we all headed off at a reasonable time as the clocks were changing and we had an early start. However some very nice Rugby blokes came back to the hostel later and kept half of us awake for most of the night. Did I say nice, well you can translate that to whatever 4 letter words you like.

The Sunday we decided to keep closer to Oban so we could have an early getaway. So off we went to the Falls of Lora for a nice gentle drift. However being spring tides, and being the Falls of Lora you could say that gentle drift was an understatement. Hence I've only a couple of underwater shots as most of the time I was concentrating on not hitting the walls, keeping my camera out of harms way, being landed on by my buddy (twice) and trying not to ascend to fast. But hey we all survived and arrived back at the surface in our buddy pairs.

Falls of Lora

We then headed over to the Breda for a nice relaxing dive. Myself and Hazel went of the wreck for a wee bit onto the rather silty bottom.

Come on then!

These just get everywhere.

Sea Pens

Many Thanks to Sue for organising the trip, Hazel and Jacco for diving with me, and the rest of you for putting up with me! He He!


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