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Chamber Dive
on 13/03/2004

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One cold wet November day a group of us arrived at Cumbrae in the Clyde. We were used to diving in the Clyde and often finding poor visibility cold and dark dives, but today was going to be different.

We had arranged to do a 'dry' dive (50m or 35m) in the recompression chamber facility on the island. Fourteen of us caught the early morning (well 09:15) ferry and then the island's buss to the chamber where we had a quick lecture from Philip about the what DCI is and what horrors could be inflicted on someone who is suffering from it. If that wasn't enough to put us off Philip then showed us what happens when something catches fire in the chamber. Thanks Philip.

Philip in the chamber.

Sarah, Lorrie, Gordon
, Pete, Jenny, Chris B

Chris H, Hazel, Rosey, Emma, Mike

Gordon, Di, John

So off we set and on the dive. It was hard to clear your years fast enough to keep up with the recompression chamber's pressure. The heat generated as the pressure built up was great, I wish diving in the sea was more like that!

Guess Who? Answers on a Postcard.

Once we were at depth most people could feel the effects of Nitrogen Narcosis and we couldn't stop laughing at the sound of our own voices which sounded more like Micky Mouse. The dive was almost over and it was time to ascend. During the ascent the chamber quickly became cold, ahhh that's more like the diving I'm used to, and a fog appeared in the chamber.


No Gordon is not Bent. This is a typical pose he strikes whenever
someone points a camera at him.

After the dive, Philip checked us out for any ill effects.

The experience was soon over and so we headed off to the local Indian restaurant for lunch as we were advised to stay on the island for a few hours. Shame that.



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