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Porpoise March
on 14/03/2004

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Well heading off to Seil for a weekends diving with Gale Force 9 on the weather forecast isn't what I'd call a great start to a weekends diving. Fortunately for us we had a great skipper (Dave Ainsley no less) who found us a few sheltered sites to dive.

First morning we headed out, well after Iain managed to borrow Dave's spare drysuit as he had left his behind, we dived a nice site just of Shuna. Unfortunately my camera gave up the ghost on this dive. So after a quick lunch back at the cottage, it's great when you don't need to go far, we headed out again for a quick dip.


After which we headed back to the cottage and once warmed up, showered, changed and sat around the fire for a bit ;-) we tucked into a fab dinner. lasagne (Carnivore and Veggie with all the trimmings) followed bY Scandinavian Mess (Strawberries, Cream and Meringue all mixed up and nothing like Pavlova!)

Once well and truly stuffed and after an aborted attempt to venture outside, we stargazed from the conservatory and Ben let rip with a few tunes on the piano.

Guess Who?

Second day, forecast no better and so staying local again. First dive just at one end of the Cuan Sound and it started with a bit of a splash. Hazel will always check hr drysuit zip from now on before jumping in the water. Thank god it was a front entry, so she had nobody else to blame (esp. me!)

Well it was a really CRAP dive. (Well that is what we all told Hazel anyway.)

Nudibranch Eggs

Getting Laid!

Dogfish Egg

You can tell there is a lot of water movement by just looking at
the kelp stalks!


Here's looking at you.

Our final dive was in one of the sea lochs as this was the only place we could get in within the timescale's. Hazel, much to my amazement, dived, after a quick trip back to the cottage to get a fresh undersuit (thanks Mary) and fresh underwear (her own).

Got away about 16:00 which is a first for an Oban trip I think. Thanks to those who Organized, marshaled and crewed during the weekend, not forgetting the chefs of course.


Look Close!



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