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We headed out to Oban to meet the boat after work on Friday evening. On my way to pick up a couple of the others my air conditioning unit broke in the car with a horrible grinding noise. Not a good start. Then I figure out I've left my undersuit in the house. Many many thanks to Scott (my Lodger who saved me a 60min round trip and delivered my undersuit to Stirling on his way up North. If this was the way it was going to be then we should have turned back. Nothing further happened to us on the the journey, although I had a car packed to the seams.

Met up with the rest at the boat and managed to find a home for all the kit, I was doing an Extended Range Diving (ERD) Course, and so had a decompression trapeze and stage bottles too!

Luck was against us again and Rab's BC buckle fell apart, lucky the Skipper had a spare!

Me (Chris)

Mike or Monster of the deep!



Grant (ERD Instructor)

Our first dive was the Rondo, a very nice wreck that is lying almost vertically down an underwater cliff, lots of life on it.

Football Sea Squirt




Nudibrach Laying Eggs!

At the end of the dive we had our first opportunity to use the lift! This has got to be the way forward in diving, no more climbing ladder for me please! Great when carrying a twin set and a stage bottle!

After the Rondo we ventured towards Tobermoray and dived Calve Island where I did the first of 3 ERD dives, not the best location for stage and reg switching, perched on a ledge on a cliff that disappeared into the abyss.

After the dive we had a little time to wander around Tobermoray, unfortunately the shops were just closing (Sorry Hazel). On the way back to the boat we found that it had disappeared and headed out to 'rescue' a yacht in distress. After towing the yacht in we found that it had snagged on a keep for prawns, unfortunately we had to let the owners know and give the 7 creates back.

The next morning, after a night in the Mishnish (the local pub) we had planned to go to Bo Fascadale, but the weather was against us. Instead we headed to the Shuna, and for mew the second Dive in the ERD course which involved the deco trapeze, run times, stage switching and bottom lines! (hence no time to take photos)

After a break we traveled down and did the Thesis for my final assessment dive of the ERD course.

A good surface interval after that we headed for the Hispania, didn't have long on the wreck as it is very tidal, but well worth the effort.

Cup Coral, The only hard coral in Scottish Waters

Spot the Nudibranch behind the Peacock Worm!

Time for tea after that and Hazel just could not resist to get into the Kitchen being the only Girl on board! So she bullied her way past the cook (John) and made us some scrummy Apple Pie and Rhubarb Crumble ;-)

Another night in Tobermoray harbour and a few glasses of wine to past the time later we found ourselves on the last day of the trip. Everyone wanted to do Calve Island again as it was such a good dive the last time (If you were not on a ledge reg switching etc). Here is why :


A Jelly Fish, Nasty Sting on these things!

More Nudibrach

And More

And Still more, my hand gives you the scale of some Nudibrach.

After a long debate the last dive was agreed and we headed to the Thesis again, this has to be one of my favorite wrecks!

A Butterfish

Close-up of a Dead Mans Finger (A Soft Coral)

Diving over and on the way back. We spotted a small boat following the ferry, just included it as it looks like they are water skiing. I don't think Calmac would be pleased if they found out.








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