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This photo didn't look much on the camera screen at the time, boy did I get a shock when I got it home!
That is Andrew to the right. Not sure who is on the left!

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Set out on the Sea Otter on Friday and our first dive was the Thesis. The viz was spectacular, the wreck atmospheric and it was a great start to the trip. After this dive, I turned around to the rest of the gang (Hazel, Anne, Andrew, Veera, Douglas) and said that it was probably going to be the best dive of the weekend. (Little did I know). Later that day we dived the back of Calve Isle where Veera tried a drysuit for the very first time. Not bad going on a 80m wall (We did practice on a bit around the corner before going anywhere near the wall). Veera has vowed never to go back to a wetsuit (yes wetsuit not semi-dry) again! Well at least not in Scotland.

Above Photo's Courtesy of Douglas

After a pleasant stop in Tobermory, and yes we did go into the Mish!, we headed for an early dive on the Hispania. Veera's drysuit cuff dump jammed during this dive, but we managed to sort it out and continue the dive, not bad for the second time in a drysuit! The Sound was flat calm and after a brief conversation with Rob from Poplar Diver over the VHF we decided to head out of the Sound and go to Bo Fascadale.

The trip to Bo Fascadale was one of those unheard of flat days, the sea was just flat. We spotted Dolphins quite close to the boat, porpoise and a Minky whale - Wow. When we go to Bo Fascadale we meet a couple of Ribs, they were staying at Glen Uig but had not got a 300 bar filling adapter with them and hence half of them could not get fills. We sold them one (at cost price). Our first dive there we headed down the shot at headed WEST, just as the skipper had told us! (Well two out of three pairs did). Myself and Hazel found the wall but only after 10 mins of hard swimming. but it was worth it. On surfacing the skipper only just gout out of being keel hauled by promising to stay there and let us do a second dive later. The second dive and we headed EAST this time and found the cliff a couple of YARDS from the shot. What a fantastic wall.




Above Photo's Courtesy of Anne

On our way back from Bo Fascadale, we spotted a Basking Shark, and after a moments hesitation I jumped in the water with my camera. The skipper had dropped us a bit off from the shark, but roughly in it's path. However the shark swam around us and at one point swam between Andrew and Myself (see photo at top). What a perfect way to end a great day.

On the last day of the trip we dived the Rondo which was fantastic too, shame about the idiots from the other boat hammering at the brass attached to the drive shaft. The constant sound of hammering on the dive, spoilt it. That afternoon we dived the Shuna, before heading home.

Many thanks to Chris (Skipper) and Trish (Cook) for a great trip.


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