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(Click on thumbs for larger image - Photos by Chris Holland, Rab Wallace and Charles Gill)

After a bumpy time booking this trip, probably totally unrelated to the Gulf War or Sars, we finally managed to get there, many thanks to Tony Blackhurst for their help in arranging this trip, and understanding when we had to pull a number of the places we had booked!

Ghazala Voyager

After a five hour flight (which was slightly delayed, we had a quick transfer to the boat, (midnight local time). The Gatwick contingent did not get there until 2-3am! The next day we hit a local dive site for an easy dive (Ras Caty) , and introduce three new divers to the sea.

Others on the trip are :

Andy McKeown

Andrew Bryson

Nina (Our Guide)

Plus a few others which either I have forgotten names (sorry) or dare not try to spell them (again sorry), but drop me a line if you were there and not featured.

The visibility was stunning and for a low-life site it was teaming with life. Over the week we did upto four dives per day, 3 in the daytime and one at night. A good mix of wrecks (Dunraven, Thistlegorm, Carnatic, even an old barge for one of the night dives), and lots of reefs, always keeping one eye on the blue to see whats out there!

Shells on the Thistegorm

Swimming with Fishes

Eagle Ray out in the Blue


A Crocodile Fish on the Thistlegorm

Hazel and Myself swimming out in the Blue
Looking for Hammerheads (We did spot one too!)

We did a fair amount of reef dives as this is were the life is, including Ras Ghozlany , The Last Alternative, Bluff Point, Shark Reef, Jackfish Ally, Jackson Reef, Woodhouse Reef, South Laggoona, Thomas Reef, Ras Umy Sid to name but a few.

Two Moray eels


Masked Puffer

White Tip Reef Shark


Clown Fish

Cock's Comb Oyster

Cornet Fish

Spanish Dancer (Nuidibrach)

Pyjama Slug

Closeup of Brain Coral

Blue Spotted Ray

Parrot Fish

Blue Spotted Ray

Arabian Boxfish

Crown of Thorns Starfish

Tiger Coral Crab



Fire Coral

Banded Boxer Shrimp

Scorpion Fish

Sea Cucumber

Indian Tubeworm

Marbled Grouper


Toxic Leather Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

Peppered Moray

Crocodile Fish

Christmas Tree Worm

Large Pleurobrach


Sailfin Tang

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