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After launching at Crinnan we took the club boat and Jeff's new rib Tango out through the Corryvreckan to the back of Scarba. After checking out the accommodation - and ruling out the first cave because is was already inhabited by two dead sheep, we settled on a compact little number complete with en-suite shower.

Hazel of course demanded comfort even on a camping trip

After setting up camp we headed out to dive. The decision was made to dive the back of the Garvvellachs - a decision regretted by Paul and Jeff as lunch made an unwelcome reappearance due to the considerable swell

After returning to the camp site, some of the hardier folks decided on using the en-suite shower to freshen up.

After dinner we moved back to the beach and sat round the camp fire. Thanks to Grant for brining the patio furniture and the cake that formed most of the fire. But as an added bounus a we found a huge log on the beach. After a short attemp at burning it whole, sawing it into more manageble logs became a challenge for the boys.





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