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Many thanks to Tuscan Divers for organising this fantastic trip for us.
(Gordon Mackie's photos from 2003 - including map of the spa's caves)

OK so after a 4am start in Edinburgh and a 1/2 hour delay in Manchester we arrived at Pisa Airport in good humor and were whisked away to the Grotta Gusti 4 Star Hotel and Spa.

We (Chris, Hazel, Rab, Susan, Sarah, Paula, Joe and Valerie) spent the rest of the day relaxing in the Grotto beneath the hotel followed by a Hydro massage (much like being jet washed). Then we forced ourselves to sample the cocktails in the bar before heading to the restaurant for a 4 course dinner. Hummm I thought this place was supposed to be healthy!

The following day, we had a brief lecture on 'Spa Diving' and signed away our lives to our guides. We then headed into the Grotto for a quick dip or two.

Luciano Tanini

All kit except Masks were provided however gloves and dive touches were recommended, boots as well as no fins were required.


The spa was formed in a fault, where the reaction of the water and the minerals produces carbon dioxide which eats away the rocks in a bizarre fashion. All features are formed under the water so they are no Stalagmites, so we called the Aquamites.

We relaxed afterwards in the thermal swimming pool which had these fantastic Jacuzzis.

After a through soak in the pool we headed to MontiCostini to while away the time before more cocktails, dinner and a visit to the local Bar/Pool hall which was called the Pit Stop, no less. The Pit Stop certainly lived up to it's Scottish equivalent, however it did serve rather good measures of spirit and the odd beer, not that we partook in such things!

Our final day (well on the way back to the Airport) we took in the sights at Pisa, where myself and Hazel promptly got lost and had to ask for directions back to the tower!

Found this building when we were lost!

Just after taking off from Pisa

Over the Alps

Back into Edinburgh



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