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I have not got any note from the Saturday somebody else must have them?

Andy & Sinclair

Before we set off


Sea Mouse (Aphrodita aculeata)

Spotted among the brittle stars on the Barge.


Our first dive was on the Cuirassier (wreck off wee Cumbrae)


View Onshore From Wreck (140° Magnetic)

DSMB on Wreck

The Cable



Second dive was a wall dive just along from the wreck.
Couple of pictures taken at the entry point.
No other details in the mass of paper that I have.


These photos were from the last dive near trail island.
I know the picture of Sinclair is blurred but he was so pleased to have his picture taken I just had to publish it ;-)

Once again many thanks to Clare Peddie and Sinclair McKay for assisting us. Plus many thanks to Sue Mitchell for organising the weekend.

Good luck to all those who are taking the First Class Exam this year.

 P.S. Sent all the paperwork to Jim on his request.







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