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Eight of us met on Saturday morning in the cold fog on North Berwick harbour. The ocean swell was something to behold, however there was not a breath of wind. Gary turned up with his rib and enough enthusiasm to convince us to get our kit together and jump aboard for a 'ride'out to the Bass. Considering the swell the ride was very comfortable.

The dive at the Bass was on the West side (North Berwick side) and is not the best site (by far) but was the only site for us to dive.

It was very dark as visibility was low, and there was a considerable amount of swell which you could still feal at 20m.

However I did take a couple of picks whilst moving back and to in the swell :

Edible crab digging into the sandy bottoom.

There wasn't even enough light on the 6m stop to take a shot of my buddy! Nice to get wet though.

After lunch and a quick cylinder change we headed off to Craig Leith through the swell, dived in two waves as someone had left their hood and gloves in their car! We dived the West side of Craig Leith and the Swell was worse here than at the Bass, so after 20mins we called it quits and surfaced.

It is a concern when you surface and can't see the boat, however Gary had spotted our SMB prior to us surfacing and was just picking some other divers up from around the corner. (We had strayed off the dive site).

Almost forgot to mention thatone of the last pair of divers in, lost there weightbelt during there dive. That was shortly before he hit the surface....just glad it was from a relativly shallow depth and slowed ascent due to finning like there was no tomorrow. I blame it on the borrowed hood and gloves, aye Tony.

Oops should have taken the camera out of the housing!

Only shot I took at Craig Leith (too much swell)



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