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Grant's Car at Eyemouth

aka The Discovery Channel

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The trip to St Abbs ended up being a bit of an adventure. As the tide was out past the end of the slip it was decided to move to Eyemouth and lunch off the beach. The launch was managed without incident but then the engine would not start due to a dodgy battery.

Recovering the boat was a bit more of a problem as you can see from the picture.

As you can see there was not much left of the car when the tide and the breakwater wall had finished with it


Following the demise of the car the club made a contribution to the new car fund. In appreciation the following letter was received from Grant


To the members of Kirkintilloch Thistle
Branch 783 of the British Sub-Aqua Club.

This is just a small note from Jackie and myself to thank the members of ‘the club’ for their exceptional generosity following the recent death by drowning of a close member of our family (Jackie’s faithful chariot).

I know that your thoughts and prayers were with us at this sad time.

We were overwhelmed by the contributions made by fellow club members, which were very much appreciated.

We anticipate that the said vehicle will be replaced imminently, and with a little luck and lots of brown nosing (including sexual favours!), I may be allowed to go diving with it again. (Obviously, if I’m not up to the job you won’t see me on Sundays!)

Of course there is the burning question as to whether the club trust me to tow the boat ever again!

We are getting a newer Discovery but we would like to think that old faithful will not be forgotten…….but enough about Jackie.

The Disco is dead…long live the Disco!

Jackie and Grant Wright
No Flowers





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